…But why yogurt?

So I like yogurt. Like, a lot. For those of you who have had the pleasure of dining with me, I’m sure you’ve watched in horror as I managed to use it as my go-to garnish for everything from traditional pairings, to admittedly eclectic experiments (hint: tofu and yogurt do NOT mix).

Alas, for those who’ve dined with me yet miraculously missed out on this sacred ritual, I assure you, lovers&friends, there is nothing to fear. I can only be socially acceptable for so long.

Just ask my (extremely) understanding roomies.

Exhibit A The standard, university-issued microfridge and contents, as advertised:

Exhibit B The standard, university-issued microfridge and contents, as experienced by the occupants of 17B:

Yes, future healthcare professionals, I hope you’re taking notes. These are the hallmarks of addiction.

But how could one NOT be addicted? After all, yogurt has that little extra flair that makes it truly shine amongst its supermarket sistahs. That extra pizzaz, if I may, that makes it THE dairy daddy.

More importantly, however, yogurt is the olive branch of foodie friendship throughout the world.

Wait. Wh-what? Yogurt can lead to world peace?!? Correct.

Infused with the patriotism, culture, and customs of a nation, there’s more to this dairy deliciousness than meets the eye…  Let’s take a look at the evidence, courtesy of some recent jet-setting (and my parents’ wallet).

  • Careful systematic research conducted between ‘field visits’ to Angkor What? (and a few to Angkor Wat)  revealed that Cambodia was a big fan of such tropical tastes as coconut and red bean+corn.
  • 24/7, India always kept my body at a happy homeostasis. Sweet tooth rearing its ugly head?  mishti dahi, please. Feel the blood pressure dropping? Amp up that sodium with some chaach.
  • Of course, my post-MCAT Mexican siesta was the real baile in mi boca with such fiesta-worthy flavors as papaya, apple, and tamarind.
  • And most recently, simple “skyriousity” lead me to discover the bounties of Iceland. FYI: Skyr is this thick, strained, cultured dairy product. Think Greek yogurt-ish.

So as I head up north tomorrow (to, alas, do more than) check out Canada’s hip&happenin’ yogurt scene, I have but one message for the world:


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Najeeba on June 6, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    I’m surprised you don’t have kefir in your fridge.


  2. Posted by Laura Qi on June 7, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    hahahaha i love that you used that pic – how about the cases of water we consume along with the apples and yogurt? haha im eating a yoplait blueberry pie yogurt right now. I dont knw if you gave me the yogurt craze or vice versa, all i knw is that we enable and continue to encourage each other with this normally healthy, but in our lives, unhealthy obession. so my fav yogurt is currently the fage greek yogurt honey flavor 2 % – it is really the best im gonna have to try the skyr brand hmmm…
    pri really? make yogurt, not war ? …. this time you may have crossed a line that EVEN I recognize as unhealthy
    and yes i remember all the times we would tease you about what you mixed with yogurt – which was literally everything , but tofu? ewwwww


    • The tofu+yogurt was that sweet and sour thing we made so many times last summer… I even tried to mix it with hummus. Yes, ew. Important Lesson: delicious things often do get more delicious when topped with either yogurt or hummus, but… not always.


  3. I just adore this post and your writing style. Despite shunning dairy myself, i stronly support your yogurt addiction. You go yogurl. “make yogurt not war” ?? genius
    much, much love. someday i will write you a guest post on the nutritional benefits of yogurt;.


  4. Posted by JackieBuffo on June 7, 2010 at 10:23 PM

    I remember you affinity for apples. Apples and SHOTS!


  5. Posted by K on July 16, 2010 at 11:53 PM

    That is one healthy fridge. Yoplait yogurt’s for me! I clearly need to broaden my horizons, although my dislike of Fage is a not-so-promising sign… You are terrific yogurt ambassador. Haha.


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